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Original Teachings of Mikao Usui August 4, 2012

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Hello Readers and Appreciators of Reiki!

One of the tools in the toolbox is Reiki and I have something new to share about it! Reiki is always teaching me something wonderful!

I have been reading “The Reiki Sourcebook” by Bronwen and Frans Stiene, and it has opened some interesting new awareness for me. Here is a link to the book for easy reference:

On page 81 they share what the original teachings of Mikao Usui were to his early students, before he began adapting his teachings for those less experienced with energy and martial arts. One of those teachings was to memorize and recite the waka of Emperor Meiji. This is the path he followed to reach the incredible awareness that he found and shared with his fortunate students.

If you would like to explore this spiritual poetry I invite you to look at this site and to share any experiences you have with it:

Mikao Usui’s original intent was for his students to reach enlightenment. The healing that we all enjoy from Reiki is a benefit of that enlightenment, as I understand it.

Much love,