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Affirmations July 28, 2010

Filed under: Affirmations — @ 6:25 pm

Hello Everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying this shifting energy as much as possible. What will it bring?!?!

I got the word from my guidance council that I will not be writing weekly affirmations anymore, and that something new will be coming into that space. If you have any information to share with me on what that can or will be, please let me know. When I feel in that space it’s very calming and I know that it’s still building.

I have a set of affirmations to share for your use for as long as you are guided to use them.

Trust. “I trust that each new moment of my life has the potential to be amazing.”

Accept. “I accept that I am worthy of receiving miracles.”

Love. “I love myself exactly the way I am right now.”

Know. “I know that amazing things happen when I’m inspired.”

I will not be posting anything new until I have something to share but please feel free to contact me when you have something to share with me. I love knowing what everyone is doing!

Peace & Love,



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