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Weekly Affirmations for 5/31/10 – 6/6/10 May 31, 2010


I invite you to choose the affirmation below that appeals to you the most. My intention is to post these affirmations weekly for the highest good of all and harming no one. Please feel free to share them with anyone you are guided to.

I suggest using the affirmations this way:

Print the affirmation of your choice or write it on a piece of paper and keep it where you will see it often.

Repeat it as often as you are guided to.

These affirmations conbine astrology, numerology, and the guidance of Mother Mary, Horus, Paravati, and Jesus.

Trust. “I trust that taking excellent care of myself is a great pathway to the future I’m creating.”

Accept. “I accept that I know exactly how to use the immense amount of unlimited personal power I have for the highest good.”

Love. “I love all the wonderful changes that are building inside of me and that they’ll be here as soon as they are ready!”

Peace & Love,

Know. “I know exactly how to use my personal power to bring more love into my life.”

This months worbook assignment comes from the holistic nutrition tool. I’d like you to choose ONE goal that you are working toward. Focus on it and it only…in front of the tea section of your health food or grocery store. Now, which one of those tea blends is the most vibrant to you? I encourage you to pruchase that tea and drink it, hot or cold, and keep working on your goal. You know the one. It makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. 🙂 Enjoy!


2 Responses to “Weekly Affirmations for 5/31/10 – 6/6/10”

  1. Holly Says:

    I feel like there is a lot building up inside of me, or there is a shift taking place. Just reading the affirmation about ‘wonderful changes building inside of me’ makes me think I’m not alone in this shifting. Just knowing I have company in this is comforting.

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